KONFMI laboratory provides histological processing of tissue samples. In our Tissue Processor Leica ASP200 samples undergo dehydration, clearing and paraffin infiltration according to standard protocol. At Leica Embedding Station the samples can be then formed to paraffin blocks suitable for sectioning. We provide plastic cassettes for samples (standard, micro/macro cassettes).

Before processing samples must undergo fixation. Optimal fixation protocol is different for each sample (type of tissue, fixation solution, fixation time etc. may vary). Choosing the best fixation protocol for your sample is crucial as insufficient fixation leads to water retention in the tissue and incomplete paraffin infiltration.

If you wish to process your samples, please fill in the reservation form.

The samples will be collected on the day of processing until 14:30. Please bring them to room S003 (-2nd basement) and place them in a plastic container with 70% ethanol (on the table next to the embedding station). Do not forget to mark your cassettes with pencil (regular sharpie will wash out).

Also strike the paper (list of users), correct the number of samples if needed and mark the reservation time for the embedding station the next day.

Tissue processor runs overnight. Your samples will be ready the next day at 9:00 and then you can proceed with paraffin embedding.

If you have any questions please contact zuzana.bruhova@natur.cuni.cz