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Faculty of Science, Charles University
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Linking genotype to phenotype
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Linking genotype to phenotype
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Welcome to the Viničná Microscopy Core Facility

About us

Welcome to the Open Access Microscopy Core Facility, where cutting-edge imaging technology is made available to researchers in various disciplines. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a range of advanced microscopes, from traditional light microscopes to cutting-edge super-resolution and live cell imaging systems. Our mission is to provide researchers with the tools and expertise they need to make breakthrough discoveries without the limitations imposed by traditional, expensive core facilities. With open access to the latest equipment and a team of highly trained imaging specialists, we are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific discovery. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or just starting out, we are here to support you and your research needs.


Cooperating with a core facility can provide several advantages, including:

  1. Access to specialized equipment and expertise: Core facilities offer a wide range of equipment and technical expertise that may not be available in-house. This allows researchers to perform experiments and analysis they may not be able to perform otherwise.
  2. Improved data quality: Core facilities typically employ highly trained technicians and employ strict quality control measures to ensure data accuracy and reliability.
  3. Time and cost savings: By outsourcing certain procedures and experiments to a core facility, researchers can save time and resources that would otherwise be required for purchasing and maintaining equipment, hiring and training staff, and performing experiments in-house.
  4. Increased productivity: By outsourcing specific procedures to a core facility, researchers can focus on their primary research goals and increase their productivity and efficiency.
  5. Interdisciplinary collaborations: Core facilities bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds and fields, encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations and fostering innovation.


There are several advantages of utilizing a microscopy facility with image analysis services:

  1. Access to specialized equipment: Microscopy facilities often have access to specialized imaging equipment that individual researchers may not be able to afford.
  2. Expertise: The facility’s staff often have specialized expertise in microscopy and image analysis, providing high-quality data and advice to researchers.
  3. Cost-effective: Sharing equipment and resources among multiple users can be more cost-effective than individual researchers buying their own equipment.
  4. Time-saving: Researchers can save time by having the facility’s staff process and analyze their images, freeing up time for other aspects of their research.
  5. Improved data quality: By using advanced image analysis software and techniques, the facility can provide more accurate and detailed data than would be possible through manual analysis.
  6. Collaboration: By providing access to imaging resources and expertise, the facility can facilitate collaboration between researchers from different institutions or disciplines.


Health is conditioned by heritable disease resistance and environment. Our aim is to conduct outstanding research focused on the mapping of animal interspecific and intraspecific genetic variability responsible for variation in disease resistance, and the investigation of the association between genotype and environment in forming the immunophenotype in health and disease.



The Czech-Bioimaging infrastructure incorporates the Viničná Microscopy Core Facility, a vital resource for scientists nationwide and internationally. Scientists can benefit from an extensive range of imaging technologies and expert knowledge through a unified and streamlined logistics approach.

Learn more on the Czech-Bioimaging website.