Instructions for convenors


Talks should be prepared as 12-min. presentations, allowing for three minutes of discussion per talk. Convenors are invited to prepare their talks in any program (e.g. MS PowerPoint, Google Slides) and share their screen with the audience during their live-presentation. Speakers who prefer to pre-record their talk are invited to send an .mp3-file to the meeting organizers instead, which will be shown during their respective presentation slot.

All speakers are strictly encouraged to enable closed captions in their presentation to make their presentations accessible for everyone.


Poster presentations should be prepared in portrait or landscape format as a single .pdf-file not larger than 25 MB. Posters will be uploaded to a secured webspace in advance of the conference and will be available to all participants prior to and after the conference for some time. Presenters who would like to have additional security measures in their posters (e.g. prohibiting copying of text or printing) are encouraged to do so. Presenters who do not have the technical means to implement such restrictions themselves are invited to send their posters to the meeting organizers with the explicit request that these restrictions be implemented on their behalf.

Guidelines for good demeanour

All participants of the TMS Annual Conference 2021 declare to abide by the TMS Code of Conduct ( Violations of the Code of Conduct in any relation to the TMS Annual Conference 2021 (not limited to the actual conference but also all communication related to it) will be prosecuted by the organizing committee. The penalty will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the violation and can in severe cases lead to an exclusion from the conference without reimbursement of conference fees. The organizing committee reserves the right to also report violations of the TMS Code of Conduct during the TMS Annual Conference 2021 to the TMS Committee, which may impose further penalties beyond the framework of the conference (e.g. expulsion from The Micropalaeontological Society).

All presenters (talks and posters) are encouraged to declare their preference toward storing (screen-capturing presentations, storing poster-pdfs) and sharing of the information they will present. This can be done by any means the presenters prefer, e.g. by including a specifying text or symbol on their initial presentation slide or poster explicitly prohibiting or allowing certain behaviour. All participants are requested to abide by the preferences indicated by the presenters, i.e. not to take screenshots of presentations or store and/or distribute posters, unless the presenter explicitly gives permission to do so. Violations of the sharing preferences indicated by presenters will constitute a breach of the TMS Code of Conduct and will be prosecuted as such.