Important dates:

End of call for contributed talks/posters: 15. 4. 2022

End of early bird registration to the meeting: 15. 6. 2022

ESEB 2022 Congress: 14. – 19. 8. 2022

Pre-symposium satellite event – S38 & S39

Date: 14.8. 2022

Time: starting from 10:00, ending at ca. 15:00

Venue: Charles University, Faculty of Science, Viničná 7, Prague; auditory B3 “Fotochemie” (50.07227797295658, 14.424178371130665), the building is ca 20 min. from the ESEB conference venue (, the satellite event will end in time to get to the ESEB registration in time

Costs: there is no charge for this event

Registration: CLOSED

Pre-symposium programme and presentation abstracts are available:

Presentations: flash presentations only (5+2 min.)

Recording and streaming: event recordings are now available

ESEB 2021 – Online Satellite Symposia

Symposium title: Molecular evolution of the vertebrate immune system, from the lab to natural populations