Tomáš Smrčka, Tomáš Ovad, Dominika Andrlová, Kateřina Čížová and Adéla Zrnová successfully finalized their Bachelor studies by traditional ceremony. Congratulations!


Chemické listy


We have published a review in the Czech language in a last national chemical journal “Chemické listy” on the heme sensors called in English “The Novel Role of Heme in Health and Diseases – Heme-Containing Sensor Proteins”  (Martínková M.: Chem. Listy 116, 163–171 (2022).

Markéta became Vice-Rector of Charles University for Student Affairs


From February 1st, 2022, for the next four years, Marketa is appointed the vice-rector of Charles University for students’ affairs. The following picture is from the inauguration ceremony of the new rector of Charles University, prof. Milena Kraličková, which was held on March 3rd at Karolinum.

In year 2022 we celebrate two anniversaries related to hemoproteins


110 years of the elucidation of the chemical structure of hemin: at the beginning of the 20th century, a real race had broken out for the elucidation of the chemical structural formula of the blood pigment. In 1912 William Küster developed a formula for the complicated hemin molecule (Biol. Chem./Hoppe-Seyler, 1912, 82, 6), which Hans Fischer was largely able to confirm through the synthesis of the substance in 1928. Fischer received the Nobel Prize for this in 1930 – if Küster had still been alive then, he might have been awarded together with Fischer. He had been nominated for the Nobel Prize as early as 1913. (from

60 years of awarding the Nobel prize to Perutz and Kendrew for elucidating the hemoglobin structure: for being the first to successfully identify the structures of complex proteins, Max F. Perutz and John C. Kendrew were rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1962. Perhaps fate ensured that Perutz and Kendrew were joined by a very familiar face who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine that year. As well as Maurice Wilkins and James Watson, the third Laureate receiving the Prize for his work on the structure of DNA was the daring and outspoken student who had fuelled Perutz’s desire to solve the phase problem, Francis Crick.   (from


2. Teambulding – Christmas Prague walk


We celebrated International Student Day with a teambuilding trip


Marketa gave a biochemistry popularizing lecture for high school students during summer camp “FYBICH” organized by Czech biotechnology company Contipro (Czech Republic)


Alzbeta got married



Katerina, Tomas, Dominika and Adela defended their bachelor thesis


Katerina, Tomas, Dominika and Adela successfully defended their bachelor thesis and obtained the bachelor degree. Congratulations!

Jakub got married