Research Grants

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    Research Grant, Czech Science Foundation

    Advanced theoretical and software tools for electrophoresis

    Electrophoresis is an electromigration separation method that is widely used for analysis of various compounds in biosciences. Obtaining optimum separation results requires method development for any particular separation task, which is not easy. Separation scientists are forced to rely on their experience and often to utilize a trial-and-error approach. The proposed project aims on the development of computer tools based on the theory of electrophoresis and able to simulate results of separation for various separation systems. This should be very helpful in method development.

    We propose:

    - The theoretical investigation and formulation of the nonlinear dynamical models of electrophoresis when including interaction phenomena, such as complex-formation equilibria

    - The development of corresponding simulation software

    - The development of a multiplatform software enabling the unified access to mutually collaborating software tools PeakMaster, Simul, and CEval that we have developed

    - The application of the theoretical and software tools for the solution of practical separation tasks

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    Research Gift, Agilent Foundation

    Understanding and optimization of the capillary isoelectric focusing processes

    In this project we will focus on the creation of a solid scientific basis for the optimization of the cIEF technique and the elimination of the disturbing phenomena.