We are just at the beginning - lab was found in 2009, although several activities in dendrochronological research had been realised before. We are focused on applications of dendrochronology in the field of Physical Geography (dating of mass vasting processes, dendroclimatology, tree-line dynamics).

Increment drills, saws, TimeTable measuring device, microscopes Arsenal SZ11-ST, IntracoMicro L2030, sliding microtome G.S.L.1, software PAST4, OSM, ArsStan, COFECHA ...

Václav Treml (assistant profesor) - treeline, dendrogeomorphology
Jan Burda (Ph.D. student) - dendrogeomorphology
Tereza Ponocná (Ph.D. student) - dendroclimatology, treeline
Alena Jungrová (MSc. student) - treeline
Lukáš Píro (MSc. student) - treeline

Recent research topics
Reconstruction of summer temperatures in the Krkonoše Mts. based on tree-ring series from treeline Norway spruce (Martin Janda, Václav Treml, Tereza Ponocná) - see the Figure below
Reconstruction of stand dynamics of treeline Norway spruce (Alena Jungrová, Lukáš Píro, Václav Treml)
Asssessment of temperatures and tree-growth relations along the alpine treeline ecotone (Tereza Ponocná, Václav Treml)
Dating of slope movements in the Krušné hory Mts. and Beskydy Mts. (Jan Burda)
Dating of bank scours, past channels, Opava river basin (Petr Čermák, Václav Treml)
Laboratory of Dendrochronology
Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology