2nd European Variety in Chemistry Education Prague 2007


Instructions for authors

All participants of the conference are invited to submit their contribution for publication in Proceedings of the 2nd European Variety in Chemistry Education.

The POSTER BOARDS are approximately 1 m wide and 1.5 m high.

The time for ORAL PRESENTATION (including discussion) is limited to 15 min.

Abstract submission is NOT REQUIRED! Only short summary (300 characters) will be submitted during registration procedure. Once registered, you can submit manuscript of your contribution (see below) via email to eurovarietyanatur.cuni.cz. Please write your full name and ID number (assigned during registration) to the Subject field of the email.

The manuscript should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

The MS Word format is required. The best way for preparing the manuscript is using the template (download template here). The text should be written on page of A4 size (210 297 mm) using font Arial 12. The line spacing should be 1.3 times. Tables and illustrations should be placed in the text of manuscripts with consideration that the print version of proceedings will be in A5 format (i.e. they will be reduced in size by ~70%). All illustrations will be printed in grayscale. Please, write short descriptive title above each table. Figures should be completely labeled. The references in text should be placed as a number in square bracket, e.g. [1], for style of citations see the template. Total manuscript length can not exceed 4 pages (including figures and citations).

Please, submit your manuscript before April 20, 2007 to eurovarietynatur.cuni.cz The submitted contributions will be reviewed by scientific committee of the conference.

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