Contemporary Human Geography of Czechia

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RNDR. Jiří Vágner, Ph.D.

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This course covers selected topics from the human geography of Czechia. Its introductory part will provide a historical background and the discussion of the position of Czechia within the EU. Then, the course will cover the following topics: urban and regional systems, internal migration, economic geography (focused mostly on industry, agriculture and the service sector, including tourism), urban geography, including the post-communist urban transition of Prague, international migration, and the medical geography of Czechia.

summer term, 10 credits, 1/1, exam



Each student will be required to prepare a three-page review of three professional articles (by 9 April) and a 15-page paper on a selected topic under the tutorship of participant teachers (by 14 May) with the presentation (.ppt) followed. Based on the paper, each student will give a ten minute Power Point presentation during the final class. Students are required to attend at least eight lectures.



Introduction to the course (Jiří Vágner, Martin Ouředníček)

2 Czechia in Central Europe-Historical Background (Leoš Jeleček)

3 Agriculture and Rural Space of Czechia (Ivan Bičík, Radim Perlín)

4 Socio-economic and Industrial Geography (Ludvík Kopačka)

5 The Post-communist City: Changes in the Spatial Structure of Prague (Luděk Sýkora)

6 International Migration and the Czech Republic in European Context (Dušan Drbohlav)

7 Development of Czech Urban/Settlement Systems(Zdeněk Čermák)

8 Tourism and Second Homes (Jiří Vágner)

9 Health Geography of Czechia (Dagmar Dzúrová, Ladislav Kážmer)

10 Geography of Elections (Tomáš Kostelecký)

11 Urbanisation and suburbanisation processes in Czechia (Martin Ouředníček)

12 Presentations of essays and discussion (Martin Ouředníček, Jiří Vágner)



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