Genomics of speciation and adaptation 2/2 ZK/Z

Lectures: Clément Lafon Placette, Radka Reifová, Filip Kolář,
Roswitha Schmickl, Antoním Macháč

Practicals: Camille Sottas, Gianluca Chimetto, Veronika Konečná

Summer term 2018-2019
Lectures: on Tuesdays, from 13.00 to 14.30.
Practicals: on Wednesdays, from 13.00 to 16.00. Not every week.
Lectures: room “Kolokvium”, Benatska 2 , first door on your left when you enter the building.
Practicals: room B12 (Posluchárna OŽP), Benatska 2 , first floor up the stairs.

Schedule of lectures
19.2. Introduction to speciation and hybridization barriers [CLP] presentation video
26.2. Cancelled
5.3. Postzygotic barriers, Bayeson-Dobzhansky-Müller incompatibilities, genomic conflicts [RR] presentation
12.3. Local adaptation & Ecological speciation [FK] presentation
19.3. Sexual selection and speciation [CLP] presentation
26.3. Methodologies and concepts in population genomics and adaptomics [CLP] presentation
2.4. Polyploid speciation [FK] presentation
9.4. Secondary contact: reinforcement and the role of interspecific competition in speciation [RR] presentation
16.4. Evolutionary consequences of gene flow between species: hybrid speciation, adaptive introgression [CLP]
23.4. Speciation genomics methodologies [RR] presentation
30.4. Cancelled
7.5. Species in a macro-context: out of the gene-oriented view on speciation [AM]

Schedule of practical classes
27.3. Reminders on R [CLP]
3.4. Genome scans searching for adaptation genes. [FK] + [VK]
17.4. Hybrid necrosis in Capsella. Revealing the genetic basis using a QTL approach. [GC] + [CLP]
24.4. Detecting gene flow between species. [RR] + [CS]
15.5. Reconstructing phylogeny despite hybridization (etc.). [RS]