Mgr. Zuzana Starostová, Ph.D.



Contact Information

Division of Animal Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha, Czech Republic
Door No.: 241
Phone: 00420–22195 1856
E-mail: zuzana.starostova[a]

Personal webpage

Research Group

Ecophysiology Group

Research Interests

Ecophysiological characteristics connected with evolutionary changes in cell size and body size; metabolic rate scaling; temperature-induced phenotypic plasticity; animal energetics; cell and genome size evolution; reptile phylogeny;


Martin Hlubeň (PhD student)


General Biology of Animals (MB170P85)
Genetic Methods in Zoology (MB170P66)
Systematic Zoology – part herpetology (practicals) (MB170P13A)
Field Zoology Practicals (MB170T24)
Human and Animal Ecophysiology (MB150P81)
Molecular Applications in Zoology (MB170P62)

Selected Publications

Starostová Z, Konarzewski M, Kozlowski J and Kratochvíl L. (2013). Ontogeny of metabolic rate and red blood cell size in eyelid geckos: Species follow different paths. PLoS ONE, 8(5): e64715.
Starostová Z, Kubička L, Golinski A and Kratochvíl L (2013). Neither male gonadal androgens nor female reproductive costs drive development of sexual size dimorphism in lizards. Journal of Experimental Biology, 216: 1872-1880.
Starostová Z, Angilletta MJ, Kubička L and Kratochvíl L (2012). Thermal dependence of reproductive allocation in a tropical lizard. Journal of Thermal Biology 37: 159-163.
Starostová Z, Kubička L and Kratochvíl L (2010). Macroevolutionary pattern of sexual size dimorphism in geckos corresponds to intraspecific temperature-induced variation. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 670-677.
Starostová Z, Kubička L, Kozlowski J, Konarzewski M. and Kratochvíl L. (2009). Cell size but not genome size affects scaling of metabolic rate in eyelid geckos. American Naturalist 174: E100-E105.
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