doc. Mgr. Pavel Munclinger, Ph.D.


Associate professor

Contact Information

Division of Animal Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha, Czech Republic
Room No.: 203
Phone: +420–22195 1839
E-mail: muncling[a]

Personal webpage

Research Group

Molecular Ecology

Research Interests

Molecular ecology of mammals and birds; parasite-host coevolution; sky islands; avian malaria; hybridization


Albert František Damaška (PhD student)
Alena Syrůčková (PhD student)
Simona Krausová (PhD student)
Jan Náhlovský (Master student)


Molecular Ecology (MB170P111)
Evolutionary Genetics (MB170P102)
Genetic Methods in Zoology (MB170P59)
Molecular Applications in Zoology (MB170P62)
Field Zoology Practicals (MB170T24)
Specialized field course in Zoology (MB170T22)
Vertebrate Zoology Practicals (MB170C13B, MB170P13A)

Selected Publications

Macholán M, Baird SJE, Munclinger P, Dufková P, Bímova B and Piálek J (2008). Genetic conflict outweighs heterogametic incompatibility in the mouse hybrid zone? BMC Evolutionary Biology 8: 271.
Macholán M, Munclinger P, Šugerková M, Dufková P, Bímová B, Božíková E, Zima J and Piálek J (2007). Genetic analysis of autosomal and X-linked markers across a mouse hybrid zone. Evolution 61: 746–771.
Albrecht T, Schnitzer J, Kreisinger J, Exnerová A, Bryja J and Munclinger P (2007). Extrapair paternity and the opportunity for sexual selection in long-distant migratory passerines. Behavioral Ecology 18: 477–486.
Munclinger P, Boursot P and Dod B (2003). B1 insertions as easy markers for mouse population studies. Mammalian Genome 14 (6):359-366.
Munclinger P, Božíková E, Šugerková M, Piálek J and Macholán M (2002). Genetic variation in house mice (Mus, Muridae, Rodentia) from the Czech and Slovak Republics. Folia Zoologica 51 (2):81-92.
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