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Research area

Synthesis-structure-function relationships of heterogeneous catalysts

About us


Innovative synthetic approaches for designing zeolites at sub-nm level; advanced characterization of the atomic-level active site structure; alternative “green” catalytic routes towards value-added chemicals


To revolutionise the conventional thinking about advantages and limitations of heterogeneous catalystsby establishing a new class of single-site zeolite acid catalysts. These engineered materials will foster comprehensive experimental and computational studies on structure-function relationships in heterogeneous catalysts and trigger the emergence of innovative catalytic routes towards value-added chemicals. In addition to potentially increasing the activity and selectivity of this new generation of zeolite catalysts, their use will provide predictable catalytic processes highly desirable for industrial-scale chemistry.


  • 52nd Symposium on Catalysis
    Petr Golis highlighting the benefits of hierarchical zeolites for sustainable one-pot three-component Prins-Friedel-Crafts reaction at […]
  • Workshop on Zeolites
    Dr. Jin Zhang has contributed to the Workshop with a poster on the controllable size […]
  • Workshop on Water in Zeolites
    Dr. Maksym Opanasenko has contributed to the Workshop with a keynote lecture on the role […]