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We have contributed to the groundbreaking international research on zeolite catalysis

The team of co-authors from five different countries, has uncovered a revolutionary new design concept for catalysts used in the industrially crucial Methanol-to-Hydrocarbon process, enabling the production of high-demand chemical commodities from source-abundant methanol. A remarkable 14-fold increase in the catalyst’s lifetime was achieved by employing liquid gallium as a promoter, which molecular-level effects on […]

7th Student Catalytic Seminar

The 7th Student Catalytic Seminar, hosted at the Technical University of Ostrava on 25.1.2024, brought together lecturers and participants from various institutions, including Charles University, the University of Chemistry and Technology (Prague), the University of Pardubice, Unicre ORLEN, and, of course, the Technical University of Ostrava. Petr Golis has contributed to the seminar by presenting […]

The 6th Meeting of BRUKER FTIR and Raman spectrometer users

A wide range of spectroscopists from research and industry gathered in Brno for the 6th Meeting of BRUKER FTIR and Raman Spectrometer Users to share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and ultimately encourage the growth of the spectroscopist community in Czechia. The newest advancements in IR instrumentation, their uses in medicines, polymers, and microplastics, as well […]

Workshop on Tailoring Reaction Pathways by Catalysis

The workshop organized by the group of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Materials from Charles university followed up the 15th European Congress on Catalysis EuropaCat2023. The Workshop took place in the the impressive Baroque Château Liblice situated 30 km north of Prague. and covered different aspects of catalysis from rational design of heterogeneous, enzymatic and organometallic […]

15th European Congress on Catalysis EuropaCat2023 in Prague

Over the years, EuropaCat has become a traditional meeting place for scientists and researchers from academia and industry all over Europe. The 15th European Congress on Catalysis was, for the first time, jointly organized by the catalysis societies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and brought together 1803 attendees from 53 countries in […]

Brunch for International Women in Czech Science with Mariya

The Centre for Gender and Science (NKC) focuses on advancing and supporting gender equality in research and higher education institutions and in the research policies formulated by public administration and the government of the Czech Republic. On June 14, NKC organized the first brunch for International Women in Czech Science to offer young researchers at […]

Team retreat

We are sure that a good rest is a pledge of a fruitful work. This year we had a team retreat in the beautiful Orlík nad Vltavou area. Together we were singing cocking enjoying Czech beer