International Zeolitic Materials School

The International Zeolitic Materials School brought together young researchers with interest in the synthesis, characterization and application of zeolitic and related porous materials. The school has been held in Zamora during April 10th- 12th, having a total of 52 participants coming from institutions of 10 different countries. The school has consisted of 10 invited conferences, 26 flash oral presentations and 2 round tables, which have highlighted the most recent advances in the synthesis of zeolitic materials and the development of their applications in a variety of fields, such as sustainable energy, circular economy, advanced biofuels and biomedicine

Emad and Talat contributed to the scientific program of the School with their presentations.

Emad discussing the synthetic approach for selective incorporation of acid sites into zeolite catalysts
Talat presenting the design of Lewis acid extra-large pore zeolite catalysts