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Field campaign in Scandinavia

The core team of the new GACR treeline project has just returned from its first field campaign: one week of intense dendrochronological sampling in northern Norway and Sweden. The team was supported by the local experts Håkan Grudd (Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Abisko) and Andreas Kirchhefer (Tromsø), who contributed substantially to the success of this […]

Award for video abstract

Jirka Mašek was awarded one of the two prizes for the best video abstract (short oral poster presentation) at the TRACE conference (Tree rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) in Erlangen, Germany. The Association for Tree-ring Research awards prizes to the best student presentations in the categories “oral”, “poster”, and recently also “video abstract”. Jirka […]

Guests from Iran

Reza Oladi and his colleagues from Uni Teheran stopped by for a short visit at our lab while in Prague at the end of April. Thanks for the informative chat about Iranian forests, we hope to meet again!

Erasmus in Spain

PhD student Jiří Mašek has left for Madrid to work with Isabel Dorado Liñán at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Faculty of Forest Engineering and Natural Resources, Department of Systems and Natural Resources, to study the effects of extreme climate events on tree growth. Specifically, Jirka will use the dataset from his GAUK project (annual […]

We are hiring!

Our lab is offering a Ph.D. position in Geography/Dendroecology starting October 1, 2022. Join us to study climate change effects on tree growth at polar and alpine treelines. Application deadline: March 13, 2022. Check out our job advertisement or directly submit your application here.