Completed theses

Completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses:


Miroslav Tomeš

M.Sc. thesis: Trends in wood-anatomical variables in Scots pine at treeline

Supervisor: Václav Treml


Petr Fišer

M.Sc. thesis: Effects of topographic variability on tree growth and climate-growth responses: a case study from the Kokořínsko sandstone cliff area

Supervisor: Václav Treml

Kateřina Zborníková

B.Sc. thesis: Latitudinal trends of tree-ring width at treeline

Supervisor: Václav Treml

Dominik Mach

M.Sc. thesis: The impact of mountain farming decline on forest stands in the eastern part of Krkonoše Mts.

Supervisor: Václav Treml

Kateřina Procházková

M.Sc. thesis: Influence of historical acid deposition on current growth trends of mountain forests in the Krkonoše Mts.

Supervisor: Jan Tumajer