Science communication and media coverage of publications

05/2024     Press release about 7th Fascination of Plants Day (18.05.2024) where we introduced our research on dendrochronology to the public (in Czech)
12/2023     Press release and online newspaper article (both in German) on the ‘moon wood’ paper led by Jan Tumajer
01/2022     Press release by EurekAlert! (AAAS): "Scientists decode 450 years of boom and crisis in Europe from ages of building timber" (our team member Ryszard Kaczka contributed to this research)
11/2021     Václav Treml - Interview with Czech television (ČT): "The carbon cycle and its impact on climate" (in Czech)
01/2020     Jiří Mašek - Interview with iForum (Charles University online magazine) on winning the Science Slam competition 2019 (in Czech)
12/2019     Jiří Mašek - Science Slam performance at Charles University (winner): "Dendrochronology" (in Czech)