Which personal data we collect during registration process and why.

  1. Name and Surname – collected to identify user,
  2. Perun users unique persistent identificator – used to uniquely distinguish user in our systems. This
    is generated automatically during registration procedure,
  3. Phone – we collect phone number to be able to contact user immediately when necessary,
  4. E-mail – we send technical information and event announcement to users,
  5. UKČO – Charles University identification number for employees and students is collected for
    door access setup,
  6. Charles University login name – collected to set up access to internal systems and servers,
  7. Affiliation information – membership to particular laboratory or other hierarchical structure in the
    institution is necessary for correct billing,
  8. PI (Principal Investigator) name and email – we need to know the responsible person for billing
    purposes and users access agreement.