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The numbers at the end of file names are the abstract identification numbers. These abstract ID numbers can be found in the Volume of Abstracts, that is available on the conference web site.

Theme A Increasing system knowledge: research to increase understanding and improving modelling of the hydro(geo)logical, geochemical and biochemical reality

#058 S. Lukács, J. Rozemeijer, F. Weijs, A. Hooijboer, E. Buis:
Flowcap – load assessment with passive sampling in drainage effluent: Field experiment in the Minerals Policy Monitoring Programme (LMM)

#078 F. Amery, G. Ruysschaert, B. Vandecasteele, A. Elsen, W. Odeurs, S. Nawara, S. Baken, R. Merckx, E. Smolders:
Evidence-based sustainable phosphorus use in agriculture in Flanders (Belgium)

#115 A.L. Vendelboe, H. de Jonge, L.W. de Jonge:
Continuous passive flux sampling in groundwater: Results from a field study in northern Denmark

#168 H. Tornbjerg, J. Windolf, G. Blicher-Mathiesen, B. Kronvang, A. Højbjerg, L. Troldborg, C.D. Børgensen:
Modelling nitrogen from soil to sea in Denmark: Concept and major results using a new national Nitrogen model

#179 S. Manos, Ch. Nannou, V. Boti, Ch. Tsoutsi, T. Albanis, G. Patakioutas, G. Karras, I. Konstantinou:
Passive sampling for the monitoring of emerging pesticides in the aquatic environment

#180 V. Boti, Ch. Nannou, Ch. Tsoutsi, S. Manos, T. Albanis, G. Patakioutas, G. Karras, I. Konstantinou:
Emerging pesticides occurrence in fresh waters and sediments in a catchment area dominated by agriculture

#190 B. Lopez, J.-F. Vernoux, A. Brugeron, F. Barrez:
Research of possible sources of perchlorates in agricultural land use groundwater

#198 H. Schuster, T. Schöbel:
Assessing groundwater vulnerability to contamination using the ‘Hölting method’

#206 M. Albek, E. Albek:
Diurnal and seasonal variations in epilimnion and hypolimnion temperatures in a small pond

#207 E. Albek, B. Simsek Uygun, M. Kaya:
The eutrophication status of a small pond located in an agricultural watershed

#230 M. Hvězdová, E. Čechová, B. Vrana, Z. Šimek:
Analytical extraction of estrogens from soil/water system

#243 R.E. Abdelrauf:
Effect of fertigation time on the movement of nutrients inside root zone and fertilizers use efficiency under sandy soil conditions

#259 H. Berthold, A. Bruckner, H. Formayer, F. Hadacek, J. Hösch, K. Michel, A. Baumgarten:
Consequences of climate change on PFLAs (Phospholipid Fatty Acids) in lysimeters of agricultural soils in the Pannonian area

#278 A.L. Højberg, J.Ch. Refsgaard, L.F. Jørgensen, C. Kjærgaard, B. Vangsø, P. Engesgaard, F. Gertz:
Towards spatially differentiated regulation of nitrogen

Theme C Assessment of national policy: effectiveness of programmes of measures on water quality on a regional and national scale

#001 E. Rodríguez Jiménez:
Presssures of nitrates in the groundwater bodies of the Spanish Douro Basin

#061 M.W. Hoogeveen, A.E.J. Hooijboer, T.J. de Koeijer, T.C. van Leeuwen:
Derogation monitoring in the Netherlands (2006-2012)

#075 A. Vrijhoef, L.J.M. Boumans, D. Fraters:
Statistical trend analysis of nitrate concentration in root zone leaching – the challenges at lower concentrations

#109 O. Salazar, F. Corradini, F. Nájera, Y. Tapia, R. Cabeza, M. Casanova:
Impacts of irrigated-maize fields on water quality in Mediterranean central Chile

#128 H. Loishandl, O. Gabriel, G. Zethner, U. Wemhöner, I. Zieritz, J. Grath:
Gross nitrogen balances for groundwater bodies in Austria

#173 E.J.W. Wattel-Koekkoek, L.J.M. Boumans:
Changes over the past 25 years in rainwater and groundwater quality in nature areas in the Netherlands as a result of emission reduction policy

#195 C. Gascuel-Odoux, R. Dupas, P. Durand, O. Fovet, L. Ruiz, J. Salmon-Monviola:
Modelling nutrient emissions in fresh water at different scales and for different objectives

#235 S. Nawara, S. Baken, E. Smolders:
Filtration procedures influence environmental monitoring of orthophosphate

#245 V. Huber García, S. Meyer, D. Gampe, R. Ludwig:
Modelling integrated scenarios of changes in climate, land use and water management for the development of anticipatory Programmes of Measures in European river basins

#266 A. Vinten, M. Stutter, J. Sample:
Catchment scale comparison of effectiveness of sediment fences and buffer strips

Theme D Field research and data interpretation: research (monitoring and modelling) at plot and field scale for quantifying effects of farming practices and changes in land use

#048 N. Loutfy, M. Abdelnaem and M. Tawfic:
Land use change impacts on biodiversity and water quality: A dryland case study

#057 L. Buckthought, T. Clough, M. Shepherd, K. Cameron, H. Di:
What is the ‘effective area’ of a urine patch?

#068 R. Stenger, S. Woodward, R. Hill:
N and P concentration-discharge relationships in streams: What can they tell us about nutrient flow paths?

#069 A. Wan, M. Zhong, Z. Liu, S. An, X. Zhang, R. Zhu, Y. Yan:
The influencing factors of the Fish Index of Biotic Integrity (F-IBI) in health assessment of headwater streams

#085 T.C. van Leeuwen, L.J.M. Boumans, G. Kruseman:
Effects of dairy farms livestock grazing on nitrate leaching in the Sand region of the Netherlands

#089 V. Panasenko, L. Kuritsyna, L. Karabuta:
Influence of agriculture on the quantity of nitrates in drinking water in rural areas in Ukraine

#103 L. Gourcy, N. Devau, N. Surdyk, L. Cadilhac:
Zone in understanding nitrate and pesticides trends in a fluvioglacial aquifer of the eastern part of Lyon, France

#126 M.V. Carstensen, J.R. Poulsen, N.B. Ovesen, Ch.D. Børgesen, S.K. Hvid, B. Kronvang:
A dual isotope approach to assess controlled drainage as a new mitigation measure

#132 M. Avilés, R. Soto, V. Cárdenas, I. Escobosa, J. Román, Á. Faz:
Greenhouse gases: Nitrogen fertilization and CO2 emissions in a soil cultivated with wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under conventional farming in Mexicali Valley, Baja California, Mexico

#143 Y. Huangfu, S. Hawkins, A. Layton, F. Walker:
Sediment-microbial source tracking (MST) for Oostanaula Creek Watershed

#165 B. Kronvang, J.B. Poulsen, C.Ch. Hoffmann:
Phosphorus wetlands as targeted mitigation option in Denmark for reducing P-loadings to lakes

#193 A. Rasmussen, H.E. Andersen, G. Blicher-Mathiesen, B. Hansen:
Highlight of 25 years with the Danish Agricultural Monitoring Programme

#196 R. Mailhot:
Are some perforated risers better than others?

#204 G. Bodner, A. Bohner, M.L. Himmelbauer, W. Loiskandl, M. Sobotik:
Exploring the role of roots in sustainable agriculture and land management

#216 C. Zang:
Land use change and water quality during the last 25 years in northern Chile – the arid Huasco valley and its land use conflicts

#218 E.D.P. Perera, Y. Iwami, Y. Chida:
River runoff and nitrate loading simulation for the land use changes in the Takasaki River basin in Chiba, Japan

#219 A.R. Melland, E. Fillols, D.M. Silburn, A.D.J. McHugh, S. Rojas-Ponce, C. Baillie, S. Lewis:
Spot spraying reduces runoff of herbicides

#236 S. Nawara, F. Amery, E. Smolders:
A soil P-test to predict the threshold for yield decrease in a depletion scenario

#241 P. Thanomsup, N. Tonanon:
Biosorption of iron and nickel ions from wastewater using algae that thrive in the industrial cooling water system

#252 Z. Liu, A. Wan, M. Zhong, L. Ren, S. An:
Effects of anthropogenic disturbances on the sediment pollution across multiple spatial scales in Taihu Basin

#256 H. Liu, S. Blagodatskiy, G. Cadisch:
Impact of land cover change on soil erosion and water yield at plot and watershed level in rubber dominated landscape

#263 Z. Anagnostou, Ch. Avdikou, S. Bletsas, T. Bochlos, A. Bousis, I. Evangelou, I. Flouris, N. Manthos, E. Paradas, L. Tsoulanas, T. Albanis, V. Boti, M. Kalampoka, M. Kapsi, C. Tsoutsi, T. Koykoylis, G. Rantoglou, I. Rizos, I. Skopoulis, S. Kane, P. Kotori, M. Muco, A. Hyso, E. Tsipi:
A simple wireless system for remote water quality monitoring in rural area rivers

Theme E Managing protected areas: risk assessment monitoring and modelling of water quality and quantity, for drinking water supply and ecosystem conservation within Habitat and Species Protection Areas

#035 F. Wendland, G. Berthold, H.-G. Fritsche, F. Herrmann, A. Thomas, R. Kunkel:
Development of a conceptional hydrogeological model for the temporal evaluation of programme of measures in the Federal State of Hessen

#065 V. Grekov:
Irrigation waters quality ecological assessment and their impact on subsoil waters

#162 J. Urbanc, A. Koroša, T. Ferjan Stanič, D. Šram, J. Krivic, A. Jamšek, S. Lojen, M. Glavan, M. Pintar:
Influence of agricultural pollution on very sensitive groundwater bodies

#178 N. Sarani, S.A. Moasheri, A. Kardoush, S.H. Eslami Mahdiabadi:
Assessment of geostatistics – Artificial Neural Network optimized by genetic algorithm in spatial estimation of some groundwater quality indices, case study Bakhtar Plain, Iran

#223 L. Thorling, B.L. Sørensen:
Danish groundwater bodies and their chemical state

#240 M. Uludağ, H. Turoğlu, Y. Türkmenoğlu:
Land use change and impacts on wetland ecosystem in east part of Meriç River delta (Turkey)

Theme FG Decision-making and implementation: role of policy, stakeholder and science in decision-making, and social and economic incentives and constraints for implementation (carrots and sticks)

#079 T.J. de Koeijer, W. Hennen, T. van Leeuwen, C. Daatselaar:
Measurement of agronomic efficiency of nitrogen input

#149 F. Walker:
Experiences with developing and implementing watershed scale projects in East Tennessee

#157 G. Bedford:
Investing in our stream banks: The riparian programme in Taranaki, New Zealand

#175 G. Hansen, S. Hu, E. Momol:
Optimizing shoreline planting design for urban storm water systems: Aligning visual quality and water quality

#289 I. Maxwell, C. Rowe:
Land, Air, Water Aotearoa: A world first in national water reporting

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