Highlights of 2019 PTNCE Prague

From 24th to 27th September 2019, Charles University hosted 6th International Conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies. The conference was held outside of Poland for the first time but Prague turned out to be a great host!


You could listen to talks of four fantastic plenary speakers…

Kristen Hawkes, The University of Utah – Tuesday Plenary Speaker

Daniel Nettle, Newcastle University – Wednesday Plenary Speaker

Jaroslav Flegr, Charles University – Thursday Plenary Speaker

Christine Caldwell, University of Stirling – Friday Plenary Speaker


As well as of several people from our department…

Vít Třebický

Jakub Polák

Eva Landová



Awards were presented…

Best student poster winners

Best student presentation winners

Agnieszka Sorokowska, this year’s winner of The Professor Jan Strzałko Award for outstanding young scientist



Until there was only one last thing to say…

Where will we meet next? In Białystok! Jan Havlíček, The Chair Organiser of 2019 PTNCE Prague


Photos’ author: Jitka Třebická Fialová

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