Ph.D. Students

StudentSupervisorThesis topic
Abramjan AndranDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Lizards of the genus Darevskia as an evolutionary model
Antonová KateřinaDoc. RNDr. Roman Fuchs, CSc.Discrimination and catogorization of bird predators
Bělová MagdalénaDoc. Mgr. Alice Exnerová, Ph.D.Role of social learning in avoidance of aposematic prey in tits (Paridae)
Csajbók ZsofiaDoc. Mgr. Jan Havlíček, Ph.D.Ideals and trade-offs in mate choice
Fiurašková KateřinaDoc. Mgr. Jan Havlíček, Ph.D.Influence of MHC similarity on fertility
Hnidová PetraDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Recognition process in geckos - Recognition of juvenile and recognition of predator
Hříbalová VeronikaRNDr. Ivan Rehák, CSc.Comparative morphology and reproduction strategies // of the Cuban genus Chamaeleolis
Chmelař JanRNDr. Ivan Rehák, CSc.Study on selected populations of European green lizard, Lacerta viridis
Chomik AleksandraDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Cognitive abilities and performance tests in reptiles
Janovcová MarkétaRNDr. Eva Landová, Ph.D.The influence of emotions from a some group of animals on human aesthetic preferences and the use of this phenomenon for the protection of endangered species
Janovská VeronikaDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Antipredatory behavior of boid snakes // in relation to phylogeny, ecology and biogeography
Káčeriková HanaDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Cultural evolution in animals and humans
Kuncová AnetaDoc. Mgr. Alice Exnerová, Ph.D.Effect of various components of prey coloration on its detectability for avian predators
Kuncová LucieDoc. Mgr. Jan Havlíček, Ph.D.Influence of parental characteristics on human mate choice
Kunclová KristýnaDoc. RNDr. Marek Špinka, CSc.Social mechanisms and functional consequences of playful behavior of piglets
Kotyková Varadínová ZuzanaDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Social behaviour of gregarious cockroaches (Blattaria)
Kovácsová DenisaMgr. Et Mgr. Jitka Lindová, Ph.D.Analogical reasoning and problem solving in African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus)
Palupčíková KláraDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of the genus Acomys (Rodentia: Muridae)
Peléšková ŠárkaRNDr. Eva Landová, Ph.D.Positive and negative attitudes towards animals
Podhrazský MichalDoc. RNDr. Petr Musil, Dr.The long-term trends of geese in Central Europe
Průšová LucieDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Fear of snakes: an evolutionary psychological approach
Raška JanDoc. Mgr. Alice Exnerová, Ph.D.Reactions of spiders and predatory insects to defensive mechanisms of true bugs (Heteroptera)
Rejlová MarkétaPhDr. RNDr. Tereza Nekovářová, Ph.D.Numerical competence on different levels of complexity: Comparative study
Rudolfová VeronikaPhDr. RNDr. Tereza Nekovářová, Ph.D.Personality: Ontogeny and Behavioural Tasks
Sedláčková KristýnaDoc. RNDr. Roman Fuchs, CSc.Categorization of real stimuli in humans and animals
Semchenko Ayten YesimDoc. Mgr. Jan Havlíček, Ph.D.Human mating strategies in a cross cultural setting
Schwambergová DagmarDoc. Mgr. Jan Havlíček, Ph.D.Role of olfaction in human behavioural defense mechanism
Skalníková PetraPhDr. RNDr. Tereza Nekovářová, Ph.D.Cognition and Affective Functions: Emotional Memory
Somerová BarboraDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Genetic variability of endangered reptile species from Asia
Staňková HelenaDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Ontogenetic shifts in human aesthetic preferences towards animal species
Stranadová IrenaDoc. RNDr. Roman Fuchs, CSc.The role of key features for the recognition and categorization of predators the red-backed shrike: field experiments in defense of nests
Šimurda JakubDoc. RNDr. Roman Fuchs, CSc.The effect of structure and fragmentation of Krkonoše national park forests on their birds communities.
Žampachová BarboraDoc. RNDr. Daniel Frynta, Ph.D.Analysis of repeatability of behaviour

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