Highlights of Ethological conference 2019

Between 7th and 10th November, 46th conference of Czech and Slovak ethological society was held in Bratislava. As usually, the event was worth the whole-year wait!

The conference started by Michal Poljak’s popular lecture about his travels in Iran. Not only we saw a lot of photos and listened to many stories, but we also learned a few tips for buying a Persian carpet and learned a few words in Farsi.

Thursday’s popular lecture called Na ceste „z Iránu do Perzie“ a späť by Michala Poljaka.

Other lectures had followed – in English on Friday, in Czech and Slovak on Saturday.

Conference participants.

One of the plenary talks – Evolution of neuronal numbers: Moving from brain size to assessment of brain information processing capacity – by Pavel Němec.

Friday’s afternoon plenary talk by Pavel Němec.

Several people from our department had a lecture as well, one of them was Petr Tureček. His lecture was interesting right from the beginning, that is right by its name – Too much love can kill you: How many grandmas is too much grandmas?

Last lecture of the conference by Petr Tureček.

Poster sessions and a cup of delicious coffee was a great match.

Lively poster session discussion.

And for the final day of the conference a visit of Bratislava zoo was planned.

A visit in Zoo Bratislava.

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