Welcome to the Laboratory of Regulatory RNAs

The lab started in 2023

Our research is focused on small non-coding RNAs involved in regulation of bacterial transcription. We are mainly interested in RNAs that interact with RNA polymerase. We have developed the RIP-seq method to identify these regulatory RNAs across a wide range of bacterial species. Our long-term goal is to elucidate the function(s) of these RNAs and and answer whether they could be utilized in the future to develop specific RNA antibiotics targeting individual bacterial species.

About us

We are offering PhD position!

The topic is focused on RNAs associated with RNA polymerase and their role(s) in the regulation of bacterial transcription


Visit the website with our NGS data

Together with Marek Schwarz from the Laboratory of Bioinformatics at Institute of Microbiology, we decided to create a webpage with integrated igv genome browser for Mycobacterium smegmatis ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and RIP-seq visualization.