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Staň se ! (Everything Possible 2)

Submitted by komanek on

All the modern history of mankind goes along its need for understanding the natural patterns. Although we control most of the living nature, there is still no escape from the restrictions of the laws of physics and other principal limitations. This essay discusses the possibility of breaking or changing these laws and of creating new possibilities by realizing there is no independent outer reality in comparison to our inner subjective worlds. And if we accept the possibility that we are gently co-creating and co-changing the whole world including its history (as well as we are changed by it, too), we can draw conclusions from it, which might be far beyond our today's life experience. All this has much to do with apparently incompatible worlds of our real life and our fantasies. But aren't these two worlds virtually two different views of the same simple existence ? Is there a paradigm of all other paradigms ? Are we in fact the God for whom we are searching through tens or hundreds of thousands of years and who is very different from all we are used to accredit to him ?

Česká tvořivost

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Už je to dávno, co jsem vyšel z autoškoly. Někdy je těžké uvěřit, dokud to člověk nezažije v praxi. Podívejte se na dopravní značení, u kterého se kolemjdoucí zamyslí víc než ten, kdo jej vyráběl. (obrázky uvnitř článku)

My list of non-obvious things

Submitted by komanek on

For a very long time I am used to think about a few things, which are well known in the scientific communities, many of them were proved long time ago, but are contradicting the obviousness or are at least non-intuitive. What is obvious or intuitive seems to be very subjective. So this is my point of view and I would be pleased if there are other people having similar tastes.

An ISS and Space Shuttle at the same time with naked eye ?

Submitted by komanek on

It was a great moment for me. On Monday, March 7th, 2011 at about 18:50-18:55(CET = GMT+1) I was walking in Zelenec (near Prague, Czech Republic) from the train station to the gym to meet my second son and to go home with him. By walking along the street I noticed a very nice picture on the black sky (of course with much light pollution, but the air is very clean these chilly days and weather is great for stargazing).

Time traveling still could be possible

Submitted by komanek on

For decades there are discussions about the (im)possibility of time traveling. We all know that time traveling on the macroscopic scale is by modern science considered to be impossible. The reason is, that by influencing even a single tiny particle in the past would alter the time line and change history. This would result in paradoxes like “how could I exist in my present time if I travel to the past and kill my mother before I am born”. I think, this particular paradox has a logical and valid solution (using many-worlds ideas or accepting self-correcting approach), but there are other, more complicated, where it is not so obvious if they are resolvable, too. They probably don't.

Still, there are at least two possibilities how to accept time traveling in general with no temporal paradoxes at all. And both are very simple to understand. It is possible I am not the first one who invented it, but at least I neither read nor hear these ideas before.

Democratic exposure

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Democracy - nearly all of us seem to advocate for this. Most of us would say, that this is the best way of living and existence in society. There were and are wars conducted due to democratic principles and the need of spreading it over the world. Is it really so evident ?

A few notes to the world of Zdeněk Neubauer

Submitted by komanek on

Na prvni phled nerozlisujeme podle pritomnosti a nepritomnosti znaku, ale podle celkoveho patternu, ktery jejich kombinaci vznika. Seznam znaku je objektivni, nase vedomi se ale ridi naprosto neobjektivni, jedinecnou kombinaci techto znaku, ktera je pripad od pripadu tim nejpromenlivejsim, co lze na organismu naleznout. Vzhled je neobjektivni, pouze zcasti preveditelny na seznam znaku.

Objektivni neznamena, ze kazdy ma moznost se o tom presvedcit ! To muze udelat jen ten, kdo si osvoji prislusne postupy - prime poznani se tedy tyka skupiny zasvecencu, ktera dane poznani je schopna sdelit vsem ostatnim, byt jde treba o takove banality jako je rotace Zeme. (Mj., Zemi jeste nikdo kolem Slunce obihat nevidel, toto poznani je pouze veci zasveceni ve "cteni" dusledku, ktere z toho vyplyvaji).

Co to vubec znamena, ze neco poznavame ?


Submitted by komanek on

Evoluce v soucasne biologii znamena viru v to, ze se zivot vyvinul z jednoho spolecneho predka postupnym rozruznovanim populaci a nabiranim novych (pokrokovejsich) znaku. Znakem je tu jakakoliv vlastnost organismu, ktera je geneticky podminena a lze ji vyuzit pro klasifikaci.

Jeste nez si povsineme 'klasickych dukazu evolucni teorie', je dobre si uvedomit, ze soucasna evolucni teorie uz davno neni dilem pana Darwina ....