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Download detectproj software:

The detectproj software is distributed under the GNU/GPL2 license.

File  Version  Date  Size Local
 JAR file, Win, GNU/Linux, Mac support; JRE* required.   1.2  08/2019 136 255 836  - download  -
 EXE file, portable (no installation), Win 32/64 bit support; JRE* required.  1.2  08/2019 136 288 092  download  download download

*JRE = Java Runtime Environment.

Download early maps:

Several early maps for testing the software:

Map title Author Size Map (JPG)
  L'Europe sous l'Empire de Charlemagne ou tableau historique de cette partie du monde.   Huber, A.  5.6 MB   download 
  Novus Orbis Sive America Meridionalis Et Septentrionalis.  Seutter, M.   2.7 MB   download 
  Typus orbis terrarum. Ab. Ortelius describ. cum privilegio decennali 1587.  Ortelius, A.   6.8 MB  download 

 Thousands of early maps in the digital form are available from:

SW detectproj on SourceForge:

The project page of detectproj on SourceForge can be found here.

SW detectproj on GitHub:

Download the source code of detectproj:

  • Java version 1.2 from the github repository.
  • C++ version 1.1 (without graphics) from the github repository.

Configure Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

Required only for the portable installation. To configure Java, do the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment from Oracle.
  2. Run the Java Control panel:
    • Right-click on the Start button and select the Control Panel option.
    • In the Windows Control Panel, click on Programs. Click on the Java icon to open the Java Control Panel. See here for details.
  3. Add the Java security exception for the site:
    • Click Add in the Exception Site List window.
    • Type the URL "" into the empty field that is provided under Location.
    • Continue to click Add and enter URLs until your list is complete.
    • Click OK to save the URLs that you entered. If you click Cancel, the URLs are not saved. See here for details.
  4. Click on the Launch button (before Section 1) and run the jnlp file. Alternately, store the jnlp file to the local folder and click on the file.
  5. Accept "Running the application may be a security risk" and click on the Run button.

java exception

Run detectproj from EXE file:

To run detectproj as a standalone desktop application from the detectprojv2j.exe, do the following steps.

  1. Before running the application, Java Runtime Environment must be installed and configured.

  2. Click on the detectprojv2j.exe file and run the application.