Porozumění vztahu mezi fyzickým a sociálním prostředím v českých suburbiích

Hlavní řešitel: 
Greta Kukeli, MSc
Charles University Grant Agency (GA UK)
Klíčová slova: 
social environment
physical environment


RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D. (supervisor)



A status of unclearness has been surrounding the relationship of the physical and the social milieu in the urban areas. This situation is an outcome of the gap between urban planners and human geographers. The differences between their points of view have made it difficult to share experience, knowledge and have a full understanding of the relationship or the influence between them.

Today, with the growth of the urban population, a lot of pressure is being put into creating the right environments in the cities, which would guarantee the best combination of the physical and social milieu. Especially in suburban areas that are becoming a dominant feature of urban development. However, the relationship between the two milieus remains opaque. In these conditions, a study of it and the influence that the milieus have upon each other, through a combined methodology from both fields is necessary.
As a response to this situation, the project aims to provide an understanding of the relation between the physical and social milieu, focusing on the case of the Czech suburbs. In addition, through a methodology based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative work, we will explore the way the physical and social milieus influence each other in different local contexts.



25.-29. 9. 2019, Belgrade, Serbia: CAT-ference 2019: 8th International Urban Geographies of Post-communist States Conference. Contribution: The diversification of suburban growth models within the Prague Urban Region (together with Martin Ouředníček)

15.-18. 5. 2019: Galway, Ireland; 7th Congress on the Geography of Europe (EUGEO) - Re-imagining Europe's future Society and Landscape. Contribution: Typologies of the suburban morphologies in Prague’s hinterlands (together with Martin Ouředníček, Zuzana Kopecká and Adam Klsák)

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